Most Magnificent Meditation Poof 💥

Most Magnificent Meditation Poof 💥


All White Everything //and three shades of Gold //


Most Magnificent Meditation Poof


Conciously handmade with excellence, attention and luminosity in Lagos, Nigeria.


Materials : industry surplus leathers from Northern Nigeria and Burkina Faso. West Africa has a centuries deep tradition of leather work and Alhaji Moussa, the artisan who makes these poofs, is a luminary. The small batch leathers come from family owned tanneries and are surplus from the international fashion trade. By working directly with Alhaji Moussa, the poofs facilitate wealth transfer to this gifted independent artist at a time when Nigerians are suffering the brunt of the global economic downturn. I designed this poof after doing years of research on the incredible creativity of small scale Nigerian artists and entrepreneurs including through my transnational research on Versage: . The poof is a direct way of pushing value toward those who are the most gifted and yet continually undervalued artists in the world. It supports artisanal practices, slow fashion, conscious consumption and sustainability.


Each poof is made by hand and there are variations on the shades of Gold.


It is the size of a classic zazen cushion. Sizes vary slightly but are around 16 inches wide (across the top) and 6 inches high. 


Hand stuffed with love, mantras, and top layer of down and feathers atop a cushion of wool, this luxurious combination makes for levitation and grounding. The feathers make you feel like you are floating, while the wool makes the seat malleable, grounding, soft and supportive. 


Naija Shine//Lush//Luxurious. This poof will ascend your practice space, and your practice. I was amazed at the impact on my radiance when I started meditating on this Raj Yoga gem.


Bahuta Karam//Ek Ong Kar//Humee Hum//Ajai Alai infused 🙏 

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