The Most Magnificent Meditation Poof was born my last months in Lagos when I was living in a bungalow where the lagoon meets the sea and meditating 2.5 hours per day before sunrise. Years before I had taken a slow train to Zaria where I fell in love with traditional leather aesthetics and brought home some special hand made poofs. But they were brown and black and made for sitting, not meditation, and in this era everything in my life was white and gold. One Sunday morning I wandered out along the beach and approached Alhaji Moussa, drawn to his aura and his beads. I bought strands of waist beads and then he told me that jewelry wasn't his work; leather was. How perfect, I said, I'm looking for a leather artisan. And so the partnership was born. Each poof is handmade in Lagos with a luxurious mix of camel and antelope skins; all white and three shades of gold. Then I poof them by hand in London with a mix of down, feathers, and wool for maximum levitation. 

Each poof is a distinct rendition of this design; the photos are just examples. All of the poof products below will bring you to the same purchase option. 🙏