ANANTA was born in the season that I was moving from Lagos, Nigeria. The city had radically formed and transformed me. I had learned to see; or nurtured and honed my layered vision, here. I had questioned everything and grew to consciously choose my values. I had been torn open and found white light at my core. I was studying //physicalization// and manifestation. So as I left I built something that would continue to generate, expand and grow.

ANANTA is built of gratitude and a love. It is centered in the infinite. We celebrate //supreme excellence in all things//. Products are priced to facilitate wealth transfer to gifted Nigerian artists and to concretely value what is precious and valuable. Every one that touches the process glows and glistens. This luminosity infuses every object that we now scatter lovingly across the world ✨  our objects are emissaries of pure luminosity and radiance. 



//roasting Eritrean beans for Afopefoluwa in Paris months before I imagined visiting them, and// sparkle masks for Wura to give away, that, I gave away on the way home// and, those perfect iftar mangos that flow from the vendor with the gorgeous eyes to my belly and to his neighbor and to the guard and to Wura's smoothie and, stacked on the lockbox as a gift , // and, pristine peppers Bobbi gifted to me and I gifted to Wura who loves peppers in all their varieties and forms, and also, birds, and so I make her videos that I also send to Fope when they wonder if there's art in the light, and,// the most gorgeous baby just arrived in Paris,// and, Chelsea is transforming and God manifested me as her yoga teacher just when she needed it, and,//someone posted something about how when you share material it divides but when you share spirit it magnifies and I disagree, we can live in the infinite and everything grows. ️️️



In my house we honor, nurture, support and grow the divine in ourselves and each other. we are fearless, exacting, transformative and transcendent. we love all beings, wish them well on their journeys and understand their place in our constellation. we support ascension at any level. we thank God for our wound work and his gifts to form and transform us. we never calibrate to defenses or support systems built on falsities. we see straight, even when our eyes are tired. we are limitless and luminous and respect the responsibility that comes with this. we listen for our dharma and allow and align to it. //we must live in the world that we want to create for all of us. spread it outward from the strength of our center.//  Happy Sunday everyday. Bless.



My name means //holy gift of God.// My father, an intellectual, survivor, and priest named me. I have been meditating on Gifts lately. A fresh friend, named Shalom, asked me //how are  you never bored?// and I said : //every moment is a gift from God.//

//Be grateful for whatever comes for each has been sent as a gift from the beyond, that's what Rumi say--Jayz the mystic reminds us.// Blaxtarlines had a lovely line about treating art not as a commodity but as a gift. I love transactions that feel like gifts. I love paying the artisans to make these incredible gifts. I love paying them what they ask and valuing their work. I love sending love letters with objects.I love people who fall in love with these beautiful things.

Living in the constant meditation on gifts brings us back to the infinite, because it would be impossible to tally all the gifts we receive in endless flow: every breath, every thought, every interaction. Thank you for being here//thank you for being 🙏



//we have to choose to live in light.//




My name is Allyn Gaestel // ANANTA. I am a writer, photographer, artist, curator, yogi and co-creator of luxury meditation poofs. 

I have exhibited my photographs internationally including at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Liepzig, Germany,  Kunstlerhaus Mousonturm in Frankfurt, Germany, the Bauhaus Museum in Weimar, Germany, Espaco Saracura in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Haverford College in Philadelphia, and The Treehouse in Lagos, Nigeria. My photographs have been published widely and are held in private collections in Portland, Paris, Nairobi, New York, Lagos, etc.

My writing has been widely published including in The New Yorker, The New York Times, Guernica, The Atlantic, The Los Angeles Review of Books, Dust Magazine, Very Vary Veri of the Harvard School of Design, The Berlin Quarterly, The Guardian, National Geographic, Intense Art Magazine, and many others. I've won awards for my essays. My portfolio is here:

I have been awarded residencies at Playa, UCross Foundation, and Est-Nord-Est.

I am also a devoted yogi and feel blessed that I have been embodied my whole life. I was a dancer as a child, started yoga at 11, worked at my first studio at 16 and have been blessed to train with gifted teachers all over the world. Presently my practice centers in Kundalini Yoga (atop my Most Magnificent Meditation Poof ✨ ❤️ 🙏) I am also a Yoga Alliance RYT 200 certified yoga teacher, and have done advanced studies in Ashtanga with David Garrigues, in Vinyasa with John and Diana Vitarelli, and in Kundalini with Hari Kaur and Siri Rishi. I teach live online on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30 PM London time –follow for pop up schedule, subscribe to the mailing list and feel free to get in touch with questions 🙏